Remember When for the week of 11/29/16

125 years ago

News of the day includes a story of a dentist, M.E. Brenner, who preformed a difficult extraction of Jake Claw’s artificial teeth, which included sawing off an existing real tooth to do it. It seems Mr. Claw’s former dentist sized the teeth incorrectly and forced the issue with a hammer.

95 years ago

Main Street paving job’s now complete. The Warren Construction Company has completed all work on Main Street and the thoroughfare is now open to the public throughout its whole length. The last load of “hot stuff“ was laid on Tuesday morning.

Work on Richmond Road from Susan River to the Southern Pacific Depot is also well under way. All the grading has been done and now the work is ready for asphalt.

70 years ago

A community basketball league is underway for the winter sports season in Susanville with the opening games scheduled Monday night at the high school gym.

Seven teams are signed up in the community league. They are in the 20 to 30 club, Soule Motors, J.C. High School and Forestry. A nominal admission fee will be charged for the game, and all proceeds are to go to the public park fund.

50 years ago

The first of eight homes sold recently at auction by Lassen Union High School District and were moved to their new location in Standish to make way for the new Lassen High School. Plans for the new school called for construction to begin in the spring.

20 years ago

The old saying “music soothes the savage beast” is certainly ringing true at Diamond View School. Classic Mozart and Bach blast from the speakers in the school lunchroom as the kids dig into their macaroni, and cheese or a bologna sandwich.

As a way of rewarding students for good behavior, Diamond View Principal Dennis Roberts started the Music at Lunch Program.

So far the results have been remarkable; student behavior problems and demerits have drastically dropped since the program started.

15 years ago

Supervisor Everd McCain last week delivered a scathing attack on his fellow Lassen County Supervisors, calling them guilty of backroom shenanigans and good-old-boy-politics in regard to the hiring of the next county administrative officer.

McCain told the board that because the good-old-boy network is alive and well in Lassen County he had written a letter to John Shannon of the County Supervisor Association of California to inform him that it appears that all of your efforts and over $24,000 the county has spent on the county administrative officer recruitment is a farce.

10 years ago

Dyer Mountain Associates now owns more than 7,142 acres of property needed to develop a four-season resort near Westwood.

Sarah Duryea, one of three resort managers, said DMA closed escrow on Friday Nov. 18.

As new landowners, Duryea said DMS wants to solicit ideas from community members to meet the needs of the greatest number of fellow citizens.

She publicly thanked Assistant Community Development Director Joe Bertotti, Community Development Director Bob Sorvaag and all the county staff and officials for their support and hard work to make the resort a reality.

Last year

Channeling her inner Minnie Pearl, local Faye Dunham got to experience her dream amidst family and friends.

Dunham, 92, a Lassen Eskaton Manor resident was diagnosed with lung cancer near the end of August and was told she only had six months to live, according to Charlotte Roberts, Eskaton Lassen Manor social services coordinator.

Her dream was to attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee; however, due to health conditions rendering her unable to travel, the staff at Eskaton and the Lassen County community collaborated to bring the event to her.