Remember When for the week of 12/25/18

95 years ago
Lassen Advocate correspondent B.E. Jones reported discussion in Congress was at a standstill after the end of World War I. He said congressmen were bickering on whether the war was really finished and if so, how the government should pay for a war that cost more than $20.5 billion.

70 years ago
Lieutenant Douglas McDow, of Susanville, was reported missing after his military plane disappeared during a flight over Arizona. McDow was flying one of four planes that took off from Douglas Army Air Base and vanished the same day.

45 years ago
More than 200 skiers hit the slopes at the Coppervale Ski Area during the holiday weekend. It was one of the largest turnouts since 1960.

30 years ago
The Westwood Community Services District decided to purchase a new heart monitor for one of the Westwood ambulances. According to Fire Chief Eric Ballard, it was necessary for the department to have two fully equipped ambulances.
He said when an emergency call comes in, the ambulance with the new monitor will be dispatched first, with the remaining one used as backup.

25 years ago
For many years, Lassen County and Susanville residents have been experiencing a shortage of family practitioners that would accept new patients. In a casual phone survey with the majority of doctors and health clinics offering health in Susanville and Lassen County, the prevailing opinion is there is a serious shortage of doctors now and it will only continue to get worse in the future.
Out of four physicians in Susanville offering family care, only one is accepting new patients on a regular basis, and Medi-Cal patients occasionally.

20 years ago
Two correctional officers at High Desert State Prison have been charged with filing a false crime report and will soon face the charge in Lassen County Municipal Court.
California Deputy Attorney General Jo Graves said Capt. Larry Cole and Sgt. David Davey of Susanville have been charged and are scheduled to appear in court.
Both officers were sent a letter with orders to book themselves in at the Lassen County Sheriff’s office and appear in court or they will be subject to warrant arrests.

Six years ago
The Lassen High School sponsored the Giving, the Reason for the Season charity potluck, which raised funds for the American Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy relief effort. The event, held at the Veterans Hall, also had performances by the high school jazz band.

Last year
Eager to hash out the details of placing a sales tax increase on the upcoming June primary ballot, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors directed County Administrative Officer Richard Egan to work with city staff to come up with a way to split the funds from the potential increase of revenue.
Still in the discussion stage, the board members vocalized their desires of what they hope to gain from placing a sales tax increase on the ballot.