Remember When for the week of 12/31/18

95 years ago
The county library system reported its 53 branches had a total of 8,370 books in stock. Later, 1,558 books were added to the library shelves.

45 years ago
Richard Nixon was sworn in as the 37th president of the United States. Of the county’s 6,345 registered voters, 2,068 voted for Nixon.

35 years ago
The Susanville Police Department kept busy during a two-day period investigating what they called a “mini-crime wave.”
Credence High School and the Regional Occupation Program office behind the school were broken into and ransacked. Meanwhile, a pickup truck was stolen from a Cornell Street home and later discovered on Highway 395 near Janesville.
Then, the following day, a car was vandalized at the Deal and Davie car lot and numerous thefts were reported on cars parked along Main Street.

30 years ago
Lassen County District 1 Supervisor Hughs de Martimprey was elected as the chairman of the board of supervisors. The four votes in his favor helped de Martimprey take over the chairmanship from District 5 Supervisor Helene Williams.

25 years ago
By a split vote, the Lassen College Governing Board found the proposed Susanville Resources, Inc. medical waste incineration project does not confer with the Lassen County general plan.
Lassen County officials have long maintained the medical waste incineration project proposed by Susanville Resources Inc., by virtue of its being primarily a “commercial, for-profit venture,” rather than an educational institution, was not consistent with the county’s general plan.

20 years ago
Legal opinions differ as to whether Bob Pyle can serve on two different boards. Depending on who was asked, Pyle may or may not have had the right to be a Lassen County supervisor and a Lassen College trustee.
According to California’s Assistant Attorney General and County Counsel Bill Murano, the question had to be answered in a court challenge.

Six years ago
About 8,000 homes in Lassen County and Northern California were without power due to 90 separate outages caused by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s transmission lines in the Sierra mountains buried in a string of winter storms.

Most customers had power back by Christmas Eve.

Last year
Lassen County has a new superior court judge.

On Dec. 22, California Governor Jerry Brown announced the appointment of 33 superior court judges across the state — among them Susanville attorney Mark R. Nareau, 61, who was appointed to a judgeship in the Lassen County Superior Court.

“I am real humbled by all the support I had locally, and I’m certainly thankful to the governor for having the confidence to appoint me,” Nareau said Dec. 22 after Brown announced his appointment.