Statewide voter registration numbers.

Secretary of State release voter information report

Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D., released the latest Report of Registration which reflects data as of Feb. 10, 2023. A total of 21,980,768 Californians are registered to vote, which is 82.27 percent of eligible Californians, compared to 79.09 percent at the same point after a regular gubernatorial election four years ago.

Lassen County Numbers
In Lassen County, 21,984 residents are eligible to vote. Of those eligible, 14,601 (66.42 percent) have registered. Those registrations by political party are: Democrat (2,496, 17.09 percent); Republican (8,164, 55.981 percent); American Independent (924, 6.33 percent); and Green (44, 0.30 percent.)

Californians can register to vote or update their voter registration online at:

Californians can also check their voter registration status — including political party and vote-by-mail preferences — at

The Report of Registration is a compilation of voter registration numbers reported by California’s 58 county elections offices. Click here to view the complete Feb. 10, 2023, Report of Registration.

The Report of Registration includes: Voter registration by political party, county, city, congressional district, state senate district, state assembly district, state board of equalization district, county supervisorial district, and political subdivision; statewide voter registration by age group and by county; historical comparisons to previous reports in odd-numbered years; and voter registration by political bodies attempting to qualify as political parties (by county).