Setting the record straight — CCC cook pleaded guilty to a felony charge, surrendered as ordered

A local news outlet apparently misreported the details surrounding the custody status of a former cook at the California Correctional Center.

Lassen County District Attorney Susan Rios corrected the record and said the cook, Juanita De Cutler, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of having sexual relations with an inmate Dec. 13, 2022 in Lassen County Superior Court and then surrendered herself to the Lassen County Jail Jan. 10, 2023 as ordered to serve a 180-day sentence.

Rios said Cutler pleaded guilty to having sex with an inmate and received two years formal probation on the term and condition she serve 180 days in the Lassen County Jail.

“She pleaded guilty,” Rios said. “She admitted that she did this thing. We didn’t railroad her as is being alleged.”

Rios said her office originally charged Cutler with four felony counts of having sexual relations with an inmate, one felony count of accessing confidential information and a misdemeanor charge of having unauthorized communication with an inmate.

Dana Simas, press secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, responded to Lassen News’ request for information.

“In January 2022, the Investigative Services Unit at California Correctional Center opened an investigation into civilian CCC employee Juanita De Cutler after receiving information that she was involved in a sexual relationship with a CCC incarcerated person,” Simas responded. “De Cutler began working at CCC on Jan. 2, 2020 as a correctional supervising cook. She resigned from state service on Feb. 2, 2022 after speaking with CDCR Office of Internal Affairs investigators. The case was then referred to the Lassen County District Attorney Attorney’s Office for charges. For any additional questions on the charges/sentence please contact Lassen County District Attorney’s Office.”