Shelter electrical work completed

Russell Bates, owner of Novah Electric, furnished the Lassen County Animal Shelter with new thermostats, electrical work and fans, provided at no cost to the shelter.

With the work finished at the shelter, the dogs and cats will receive a much-needed climate controlled environment. With heated floors, the shelter already provided some comfort during the colder months. Much of the summer, big fans were the only relief for the animals. The work, done over the summer and into the fall season, will help the animals stay comfortable throughout the year.

At the Lassen Humane Society’s October meeting, the board presented the news and offered their sincere thanks to Bates for the job well done.

Board member Peggy Speer shared the situation with the board, which was surprised and delighted at the news.

Speer said, “We’re paying zero … he’s not going to charge us a penny now.”

Speer added, “He did a lot of work. He ended up doing a lot more (than anticipated) because the thermostats that regulate the warm water for every single kennel, those broke, so he fixed those too. They’re ready to go.”