Six Plumas National Forest roads reopen, restore access as fire recovery activities continue

The Plumas National Forest has modified and updated Forest Closure Order 05-11-03-21-04 to reopen six roads affected by the 2020 North Complex wildfires on the Feather River Ranger District.  Four roads and all of the trails within the closure order remain closed.

District employees are continuing to work on multiple Forest Service Roads and trails to restore access to the public.

The following roads are now open:

  • FSR 22N39 between FSR22N33 and FSR 22N01Y.
  • FSR 23N00 between FSR 22N34 and FSR 23N28.
  • FSR 22N24 between FSR 22N27 and FSR 20N09.
  • FSR 22N24 between FSR 22N25 and FSR 22N94.
  • FSR 22N25 between FSR 22N24 and FSR 22N50X.
  • FSR 22N94 between FSR 22N24 and FSR 22N27.

The following roads remain closed:

  • FSR 22N89 between FSR 119 and FSR 22N12X.
  • FSR 22N12X between FSR 22N89 and FSR 22N01Y.
  • FSR 22N62 between Milsap Bar Campground and FSR 22N94.
  • FSR 21N35Y between Butte County Road 27672 (Lumpkin Road) and Forest Trail 6E33 (Feather Falls National Recreation Trail).

Eleven trails remain closed, including Mountain House, Dome, Big Bald Rock, Feather Falls National Recreation, Little North Fork, Trials West, Sky High, South Hartman to North Hartman, Hansen Bar, Stag Point and Cleghorn Bar Trails.

The roads reopening has restored access to Golden Trout Campground on the Feather River Ranger District.