First responders and health care providers are briefed on how they will all work together to evacuate several residents with disabilities and others with functional needs during a training exercise. Photo submitted

Statewide medical exercise prepares local departments

Recently, a statewide medical and training exercise was held to enhance knowledge of mutual-aid and their processes with a focus on preparation in the event of a 100 year flood, and assessing any flood mitigation and areas of improvement that have been identified from the 2017 winter storm. The Susanville Indian Rancheria Resource Center was completely packed for this year’s Statewide Medical Health Exercise.

The California Office of Emergency Services, Emergency Medical Services Authority, Northern California Emergency Medical Services, Regional Disaster Health Medical Specialist and the Department of Social Services – Emergency Services led the training.

Exercise objectives included emergency operations, information sharing, public information, material management and distribution, responder safety, medical surge, fatality management and mass care. Different procedures for medical and non-medical resources were also assessed.

The Lassen County Public Heath Department worked with other entities to ensure that shelter residence medical care is taken care of and documented the different aspects of the shelter as decisions are made. Functional table-top exercises led by Jim Uruburu helped illustrate how public health, multiple first responders and health care providers would work together to evacuate several residents with disabilities and others with functional needs to ensure they all are evacuated safely. County and state resources for sheltering and the process to request resource were also reviewed.

Many organizations participated, to help ensure a full review of local services. For example, CDCR– CCC has resources that in the event of disasters are available to assist in caring for our community.

This and other trainings enable our local agencies to provide the finest care and optimum response in the event of an emergency. The cooperation of concerned resources assists in effectively covering the needs of Lassen County in times of crisis.