Susanville Little League seeks new board members

According to a statement from Susanville Little League, “Are you excited for the 2023 season? Well we sure are.

“Your current board of directors will be meeting next week to confirm our next community meeting where we will be accepting applications for new board members. (We are looking at the first or second week of November).

“Applications will be a typed cover letter explaining how you can see yourself helping to improve our board and league. Yes, we know that is a broad question, but the talents needed to run this league are a little bit of everything. So, whether you have vast baseball knowledge or outstanding organizational skills, we want to hear it all.

“If you are interested in joining our board but have questions, please reach out via direct messenger, questions in the comments on this post will not be answered. If you know someone who would be a great addition to our board but they don’t have social media, please give them our email and we can answer their questions that way.

“If you are wanting to submit your informal cover letter/application before the community meeting, email them to:

“It’s takes a truly committed community member to help run this league, and we can’t continue to maintain this league for our children without your help.”