Susanville man sentenced to 15 years in prison

Kenneth Allen Hunter, 63 of Susanville, was sentenced today to state prison for a term of 15 years for second-degree attempted murder, use of a firearm and inflicting great bodily injury on the victim.

On Sept.19, 2021, Hunter arrived at the survivor’s residence. When the survivor came outside to contact him, he shot at her seven times, striking her three times and wounding her. He then fled the scene and returned home. After a standoff with law enforcement, he was arrested in the morning hours of Sept. 20, 2021.

The survivor in this case was consulted with and included in the disposition discussion and is in agreement and satisfied with the sentence received.

She spoke at the sentencing hearing and gave one of the most powerful and impactful victim statements detailing the true effect violent crime has on survivors. It’s not always the physical effect; there is a list of long-term psychological, emotional and economical effects a survivor of violent crime may endure.

We commend this survivor for sharing her experience with the court and hope that with the conclusion of this criminal case, she can now begin to put her life back together.