Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions has proposed this low-income housing project in Reno, Nevada. A similar project in Lassen County has drawn fire from local residents. Graphic submitted

Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions addresses Reno’s affordable housing crisis with innovative intergenerational project

In the face of Reno’s escalating affordable housing crisis, Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions is proud to announce the groundbreaking of an innovative and much-needed housing project. This transformative initiative, named “The Gen Den,” will pair low-income young adults with low-income seniors, providing them with a good home and fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

A good home is more than just shelter; it encompasses hygiene, regular meals, restful sleep, safety and dignity. Unfortunately, with the average monthly rent in Reno skyrocketing to nearly $1,500 and a shortage of approximately 32,000 housing units for extremely low-income and very low-income individuals, Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions is taking action.

Situated on land generously donated by the city of Reno on E. Fourth Street, The Gen Den will feature 10 thoughtfully designed apartment homes. Each unit, spanning approximately 400 square feet, will have an entry foyer, living/dining area, bedroom, bath, and a small terrace, ensuring a comfortable living space for residents.

The groundbreaking aspect of The Gen Den lies in its intergenerational approach, forging connections between young adults and seniors.

Rent for these apartment homes will be $500 per month, with age and income verification conducted according to local, state, and federal standards. In a unique arrangement, young adults will contribute to their older neighbors’ well-being by assisting with tasks such as grocery shopping, heavy lifting, and navigating modern technology.

Monica DuPea, the executive director of Nevada Youth Empowerment Project, a local youth services nonprofit spearheading this initiative through its Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions affiliate, emphasized the project’s underlying vision.

“Beyond providing essential amenities, we aim to foster a sense of companionship, community, and neighborly concern,” she said. “The affordable housing crisis in Reno, like many cities across the country, is complex. However, we firmly believe that meaningful change starts with taking the first step. We hope that our efforts here in Reno will serve as an inspiration for similar projects nationwide.”

Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions is already planning its second affordable home project, targeting youth and seniors in Northern Nevada.

As the organization strives to make a lasting impact, it welcomes donations from partners committed to this vital outreach.