County announces COVID-19 testing, vaccination changes

Lassen County Public Health department announces COVID changes in letter to medical providers

Lassen County’s Public Health Department wrote a letter to local medical providers regarding changes to the county’s COVID-19 testing and vaccination procedures.

Here’s the text of the letter addressed to “Lassen County Medical Providers.”

The history and purpose of public health is to be a resource in the community. In the past two years, Lassen County Public Health has served as the primary lead in COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. Our response provided additional support and relief to Lassen County medical providers.

In an effort to resume our public health program responsibilities, LCPH will significantly decrease the number of COVID-19 vaccination appointments offered per week. We will encourage community members to reach out to their medical providers for COVID-19 vaccinations and guidance to maximize their patient relationships. This is particularly important since there are specific medical-patient conversations about COVID-19 therapeutics, timing of treatment, and other risk- benefit health information that should be explored in certain cases.

This may directly impact your patients. If you aren’t already, we are asking that you offer COVID-19 vaccines to your patients to ensure that they are adequately vaccinated for not only COVID-19, but all recommended and age-appropriate vaccinations. Patients trust their medical providers and often would prefer to receive their information and immunizations in a clinic setting.

Over the last year, Vaccines for Children providers have received multiple opportunities to sign up to receive and administer COVID-19 vaccinations. There are also grants available for medical providers who sign up to administer vaccines. Visit if you are interested in applying.

Please each out to us if you have any questions or need assistance in obtaining COVID-19 vaccinations.

Thank you for helping keep the community safe. Lassen County Public Health, 1445 Paul Bunyan Road, 251-8183.