Abigayle Dunn excitedly checks out all of the new features of the trike donated to her by NorCal Trykers on Saturday, June 10. Photo submitted

Local girl receives donation from Norcal Trykers

On Saturday, June 10, Abigayle Dunn traveled to Greengate School in Woodland, California to receive a custom-made tricycle from the NorCal Trykers organization.

Founder and NorCal Trykers President Gill Williams, left, and husband Peter Williams watch as Abigayle Dunn sits in her new trike for the first time. Photo submitted

Abby was affected by Accute Flaccid Myelitis in the fall of 2016. The illness affects the nervous system of its host and weakens the muscles and reflexes in the body.

As such, riding a bicycle is no longer an easy task for Abby. Because of this, the NorCal Trykers designed built a trike specifically for her needs.

Bill Dunn, Abby’s father, said, “Abigayle was very excited to receive her new trike, which allows her a sense of new mobility since becoming paralyzed last October.”

Abby was initially introduced to the NorCal Trykers when she met the group’s founder and president, Gill Williams, during a visit to Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, California in late 2016.

According to a press release by NorCal Trykers, the nonprofit organization was formed by physical and occupational therapists that work in the Sacramento and Yolo County areas.

The organization is funded entirely by outside donations and works tirelessly to provide the gift of mobility for children with disabilities.

The tricycles are manufactured by AmTryke and cost $1,000 to build. However, the tykes are given away thanks to the many donations given to NorCal Trykers. Each trike is customized for each child’s unique limitations and disability.

Abigayle Dunn already has the hang of her new trike as she takes it for a spin at Greengate School in Woodland, California on Saturday, June 10. Photo submitted

It is the goal of NorCal Trykers to assist children with disabilities in their move from imagining to doing.

Williams said, “Each day, we work with disabled children who dream of participating in activities like other children their age. The NorCal Tryker’s mission is to provide custom trikes, at no cost, to help facilitate these dreams.”

She later continued, “It is our hope that as donations grow, we will be able to distribute hundreds of trikes to children in need in Northern California.”

The trike gifted to Abby was specifically designed to utilize hand cranks rather than foot pedals. The trike also has a hand brake and a three-speed gearshift.

With her new trike, Abby is excited to go riding with neighbors and family. She is most looking forward to frequenting the Bizz Johnson Trail and other Lassen County parks during warm summer days.

“I’m super excited to get a little bit more freedom and to go more places with my trike. Instead of me catching up with my family, they’ll need to catch up to me,” Abby said.