According to a statement from the Susanville Police Department, action is being taken regarding dogs in the community.

According to the statement, “In response to concerns regarding dogs-at-large in the community, the Susanville Police Department and the city of Susanville Public Works Code Enforcement Division have been actively working on the issue by increasing patrols in the areas where dogs have been reported. The dogs are evasive and difficult for our law enforcement and animal control personnel to apprehend.

“The city is asking for your assistance to help identify and track the locations or these animals by utlizing the Susanville Click & Fix app. With the app, residents can take a photo with their smartphones, and when submitting the photo, locations can be included. This will provide city staff with photographic evidence and locations where to focus patrols.

“If you are unable to take a photo of seen dogs-at-large, you can submit a request utilizing Susanville Click & Fix on the city’s website include the location and detailed description of the dog observed in your request.

“The safety of our residents is our top priority, please ensure that you are always in a safe location when using the Susanville Click & Fix app.”