Reader responds to ‘Proposed wood chip project in Lassen County draws heavy fire from community and environmental groups’

I read your article on the proposed wood chip facilities in California. It was well written and helped me understand the issue better. I agree with the tone of the article which does not favor the Drax proposal. Still, I want to clarify points made about Drax’s logging operations in British Columbia.

The cutting of old growth and mature timber is controversial in BC as well as the method of logging. Yet, the BC Ministry of Forests continues to authorize the cutting of these old-growth public forests through its timber tenure system. These old-growth and other extremely mature forests are composed of a large proportion of waste wood and non-commercial trees that could be used in the manufacture of pellets by Drax.

As far as I can determine, Drax was complying within the scope of regulations that the BC Ministry of Forests refers to as “sustainable forest management” and did nothing without the approval of the ministry.

William I Wagner, PhD, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada