Advisory committee hosts Sept. 24 meeting

The Big Valley Groundwater Basin Advisory Committee meets at 4 p.m. Thursday Sept. 24 (rescheduled from Aug. 26) at the Bieber Memorial Veterans Hall, 657-575 Bridge St., Bieber.

The meeting will start with a review of Big Valley groundwater conditions (GSP Chapter 5), including sections on:

  • Groundwater elevations – and how they rebound from drought groundwater quality;
  • Naturally occurring minerals and local monitoring sites; and
  • The role of groundwater regarding wetlands and local vegetation.

This will be followed by a continued discussion on the description of the general area and local planning initiatives (GSP Chapter 3), as well as the geology and water bodies in and around Big Valley Groundwater Basin (GSP Chapter 4).

According to a statement from the committee, “Join us in person using social distancing or visit for information on how to join us online.”

The meeting packet for the meeting is also now available at and

This meeting packet has been updated from the Aug. 24, 2020, meeting packet to incorporate the completed version of GSP Public Draft Chapter 5 (packet pages 16-148d). No other changes were made.