When the Honey Lake Valley Community Pool opens next spring, a new diving board similar to this one should be ready for swimmers to use. Pool Manager Reesa Rice told the board of directors this was “the best board they make.” Photo submitted

Authority approves diving board purchase

Great news for local swimmers — it appears there will be a diving board at the Honey Lake Valley Community Swimming Pool when the facility opens next year.

The Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority unanimously approved a transfer of $21,000 into the restricted pool facility improvement fund for the diving board project and approved the purchase of the diving board from Recreonics, Inc. for $15,207.45, the lowest bidder.

According to the staff report, “The addition of a diving board to the pool facility has been a long-term goal of the HLVRA governing board and staff … The estimated cost to purchase the diving board and complete the installation is approximately $21,000. This estimate assumes the HLVRA can use its own forces to complete the work, however, the HLVRA is subject to the California Public Contract Code that places a limit of $5,000 on projects before they have to be formally bid. In other words, the HLVRA may need to formally bid its diving board project.”

The project may be eligible under the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act that has a threshold of $60,000, but “there are some stringent accounting requirements that must be adhered to when participating in the program; however, city staff is familiar with the requirements.”

Reesa Rice, the pool manager, said this board was “the best board they make.”

Rice said donations from local organizations and individuals for the board totaled about $13,000. She said she hoped to hold an opening day ceremony next spring to recognize them.

Board member Noelle Haller-Riggs asked Rice how much the diving board would increase revenues at the pool. Rice said the diving board should be a popular addition, but she couldn’t estimate its possible effect on attendance at this time. She said she might be able to answer that question once she has some experience with the diving board in place.


City reimbursement

The HLVRA contracts with the city of Susanville for administrative, management and operation services. The city submitted a reimbursement request for $18,458.80 to cover the period of Sept. 7 through Nov. 9.

The reimbursement included $1,381.76 for the executive officer and $1,012.86 for administrative services for a total of $2,394.62.

The city also was reimbursed for the cost of pool employees.

The pool manager earned $6,072.23, the assistant pool manager earned $3,888.16, the head swim instructor earned $480.17, the head lifeguard earned $1,626.63 and the lifeguards/swim instructors earned $3,997. for a total of $16,604.18.


Attorney services

An increase in.the hourly rate charged by the authority’s law firm led to a discussion.

The board decided to investigate what other small districts pay for their legal services.


Next meeting

The next HLVRA board meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17, but that meeting will be held only if necessary.