Beware of school children on our streets

Yep, the thermometer may be rising into triple digits these days, but the sad reality for many school-aged children is summer 2017 is growing old, and they will soon be returning to the classroom to resume their studies. For some, school may not be quite as much fun as swimming in the new Honey Lake Valley Community Pool, but we hope getting an education will be one of the highest priorities for each and every one of our young students.

Students will be returning to Johnstonville Elementary School, Janesville Union Elementary School, Richmond Elementary School, Mt. Lassen Charter, Sierra Primary School and Herlong Jr./Sr. High Thursday, Aug. 17.

On Monday, Aug. 21, the students return to Lassen Union High School, Lassen Community College, Diamond View Middle School, Meadowview Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, Shaffer Elementary School, Westwood Charter and Long Valley Charter School.

And school begins Wednesday Aug. 23 at Fletcher Walker Elementary and Westwood High School.

We encourage all our readers to pay special attention and take extra care when driving in school zones or areas where they encounter children as the new school year begins.

We also encourage the children to look both ways before crossing the street and pay attention to the traffic around them.

Together the adults and the students can make sure everyone is safe and has a great start to the new school year.