Beware of telephone scammers

Over the last several months, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office has noticed an increase in telemarketing/ telephone scams by way of local (310 or 249) prefix numbers. They do this to ease the call recipient’s suspicion of being contacted by a telemarketer or scammer. Most recently, the LCSA received information of someone posing as a member of the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office, falsely informing people they are subject to arrest as a means of extorting money from them. During the calls, the crooks claim the victims are facing arrest over supposed failure to pay taxes or appear for jury duty or some other purported offense.

The thieves have used a technique/phone app called “caller spoofing,” in which they make the incoming call appear to be coming from a number they manually input. In the most recent case, the crook showed the number coming from a legitimate Lassen County Sheriff’s Office phone line on the recipient’s caller ID screen.

Among the techniques the perpetrators use to make a pitch convincing, are using the name of the actual sheriff’s employee; giving the telephone number of the sheriff’s office; presenting victims’ personal information, such as a former address or date of birth; and threatening jail time or driver’s license revocation. These pitches culminate with demands for money via credit card or debit card.

No sheriff’s deputy or non-sworn employee ever contacts members of the public by telephone to demand a payment of any kind. Anyone receiving such a call or any type of money request by way of threat or intimidation is asked to report the incident to the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office and to the Federal Commission website,

Unfortunately, people are continually finding methods to extort or steal money from others by any means possible. Report any type these attempts to our agency immediately.

Lassen County Sheriff phone lines
•Business line – 251-8013
•Communication Center – 257-6121, 6122, 6123, 6124
•Lassen County Jail – 251-5245