Bill O’Reilly says Trump needs to run for re-election

Bill O’Reilly is known for his honesty and his focus on the truth. One report described him as “the most popular host on cable news.” Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and host of AMAC’s Better For America podcast, said he was and still is an independent reporter of breaking news. You can catch O’Reilly’s take on current events at

In a recent BFA interview, Weber asked him when the ethics of journalism like truth and accuracy fall by the wayside. His response: ‘We live in an age of propaganda. And if you turn on the television set, if you read most newspapers, you’re not getting the truth. And again, that helps me because I try to lay it out there in a very, very truthful manner.”

Take the so-called dilemma that President Trump faces in the courts in advance of the 2024 Presidential Elections. O’Reilly was asked if it could prevent him from running for re-election next year.

“The Constitution clearly states that an insurrection charge must be proven in a court of law, not in a House of Representatives or in the Senate under the impeachment banner,” O’Reilly said. “You can only be disqualified if you’re convicted of treason or if you’re convicted of sedition as the Proud Boys guy was and sentenced to 22 years in prison. If you are not convicted in a criminal court of law, then you can’t keep anybody off any ballot. So that’s a bunch of nonsense. It won’t happen. The Supreme Court would step in very, very fast. And that’s going to help Trump even more. The more they try to keep Donald Trump off the ballot, the more Americans who are not committed to Trump or independents are going, you know, I don’t like this, so I’m going to vote for Trump because I don’t like this. The interesting thing about this is the special prosecutor, Jack Smith, just brought charges against Trump for election interference in D.C. and the Mar-a-Lago documents case could have charged Trump with insurrection and wanted to desperately, but there’s no evidence to back it up. So, he didn’t and that tells you everything.”

On the other hand, O’Reilly said, Mr. Trump’s likely rival for the presidency in 2024, President Joe Biden, has problems of his own.

“A lot of conservatives and anti-Biden people have convicted Joe Biden of bribery,” O’Reilly said. “I’m not going to do that. That would be irresponsible of me. I will tell you this. There are more damning pieces of evidence coming forth this fall. This is not going to be a good autumn for Joe Biden. September, October and early November. The House committee is investigating him and Hunter and Jim Biden, his brother, are going to produce even more evidence that Joe Biden profited from all of this influence selling.”

Could that be enough for his impeachment?

“In a criminal sense, the Justice Department is not going to charge Joe Biden with anything, no matter how much evidence there is,” O’Reilly said. “And that, again, shows you the corruption of our federal government now.”

But President Biden faces a basket full of problems as the 2024 presidential election approaches, O’Reilly said. For example, “eight million migrants, at least, have crossed into this country, and they’re largely unsupervised because of the open border policy of Joe Biden. It’s a catastrophe. Democratic cities are going crazy. If you live in a city, you can see it with your own eyes. L.A., San Francisco. Chicago. New York, Saint Louis, Baltimore, Chicago. Criminals are running wild because of Joe Biden.”

But will Joe run? O’Reilly said he “was one of the first that said Biden was not going to run in 2024. Number one: his poll numbers are sinking now. They’re in the mid-thirties. Number two: 70 percent of the American people feel the country is heading in the wrong direction. Those are catastrophic numbers that the corporate media, which to this day favors Biden, can’t massage. So, the country has turned against Joe Biden. He obviously cannot do the day-to-day job, he’s just incapable of it. And we see it every single day on the ‘No Spin’ news on We give out Biden’s schedule every day and he never has anything on his schedule. All he does is read prepared remarks. He doesn’t deal with the press, doesn’t take questions, forgets people’s names and doesn’t know where he is. I mean, is this what we want for the next presidential cycle? A guy that doesn’t know where he is. So, you combine the two and the Democratic Party knows it [and] they desperately want Michelle Obama to come in. And so far, there’s no indication that the former first lady will do that. But, if tomorrow, Michelle Obama picks up the phone and says, yeah, [it’s likely that] President Biden, would be out the next day.”

He suggested that it’s all the more reason Donald Trump needs to run for re-election in November ‘24. O’Reilly said he “should go on the campaign trail and, in my humble opinion, tout what he did in office. His Remain in Mexico policy at the border cut illegal immigration about 75 percent. He revamped the military. There was no social disorder in his four years like there is now. Inflation ran about, what, 1.6 percent under Trump. So those are the things that he should be pounding day in and day out.”