BLM may purchase land on Highway 395 near The Mark

A reader and nearby landowner asked to find out why the Bureau of Land Management wanted to purchase three parcels near the Herlong turnoff along Highway 395. The reader couldn’t imagine how this property would benefit BLM.

The Bureau of Land Management may purchase three parcels near The Mark.

We asked the question, and Jeff Fontana, a public information officer for the BLM, responded to our request.

“The parcel totals about 283 acres,” Fontana said.  “An appraisal has been completed, but the BLM has not yet made an official offer.”

The BLM is interested is acquiring the land for public ownership for two reasons
Mule deer habitat:  The area was not burned in recent fires and still has good winter habitat.  Management in public ownership would conserve this habitat and prevent future fragmentation by roads, trails and homes.

Public access:  There is limited public access to land in the Highway 395 corridor and this would provide new access.