California Department of Fish and Wildlife issues Wolf Management Update January – March 2022

Field Work
Lassen Pack
The pack had a minimum of five wolves, with one functioning collar (female LAS09F). The pack is traveling within its home range, similarly as in past years. There were no depredation investigations.

Whaleback Pack
The pack had a minimum of six wolves, with one functioning collar (OR85). The pack is traveling its home range similarly as it did last year. There was a confirmed depredation in March.

Beckwourth Pack
No new information.

Dispersing wolves
OR103 remained in Siskiyou County and spent most of the quarter in the vicinity of Scott Valley, except for a brief foray into northern Trinity County.

CDFW has regularly detected dispersing wolves in California since December 2011. It is likely that a number of uncollared dispersers exist in the state at any moment in time.

More information wolves can be found on CDFW’s gray wolf web page in a document called “California’s Known Wolves – Past and Present.”

Survey for presence
CDFW surveys areas of suspected wolf presence. Nothing new to report.

CDFW continues to receive and investigate reports of wolf presence from many parts of California. Public reports are an important tool for the Department. Report wolves or wolf sign on the CDFW Gray Wolf web page at