California invests more than $3.1 billion in projects to rebuild and upgrade state’s transportation infrastructure

The California Transportation Commission this week allocated more than $3.1 billion for projects that will improve the state’s transportation infrastructure, making it safer, more sustainable and more reliable.

The allocation includes nearly $1.8 billion in funding from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 and almost $200 million in funding from Senate Bill (SB) 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

“These state and federal investments will continue to allow Caltrans to rebuild our transportation system so that it is more climate-change resilient, reduces pollution and travel times, and improves goods movement,” said Caltrans Director Tony Tavares. “These projects will have a direct, positive impact on every Californian. Commuters, truckers, and visitors will all benefit from more reliable roadways and a safer transportation network.”

Projects the CTC approved in District 2
Shalas CAPM Project (Near Susanville, from Shasta County line to SR 36 in Lassen County): Rehabilitate pavement, upgrade guardrail and Transportation Management System elements, replace drainage systems, and pave maintenance pullouts. This project includes $32M in IIJA funding, and $198K in SB1 funding.

Poison Lake Curve Improvement Project (Near Old Station, from 6.5 miles east to 7.1 miles east of Shasta County line in Lassen County): Improve safety by realigning curve and creating clear recovery area. This project includes $3.2M in IIJA funding.

OBrien CAPM Project (Near Shasta Lake City, from Pit River Bridge to 1.8 miles north of Riverview Drive Undercrossing in Shasta County): Rehabilitate pavement, upgrade guardrail and TMS elements, and replace signs. This project includes $30.9M in IIJA funding, and $308K in SB1 funding.

Lake Boulevard Pavement Project (In and near Redding, from Route 299 to just east of Hootenanny Lane; also on Route 273 from 0.1 south to 0.1 mile north of Lake Boulevard in Shasta County): Rehabilitate pavement, reconstruct onramp, upgrade facilities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act  standards, upgrade TMS elements, rehabilitate drainage systems, add multi-use bi-directional path, and widen and overlay existing Class 1 bike path. This project includes $32.8M in IIJA funding, and $276K in SB1 funding.

SIS Worker Safety Project (Located near Seiad Valley, from Ladd Road to just east of Empire Creek Bridge at various locations in Siskiyou County): Improve highway worker safety by paving maintenance vehicle pullouts, stabilize slopes to prevent sediment runoff, and install new traction sand trap at the Seiad Valley Maintenance Station. This project includes $4.3M in IIJA funding.

Dorris CAPM Project (In and near Dorris on Route 97 from 0.3 mile south of Sams Neck Road to Oregon State Line and on Route 161 from Route 97 to 0.6 mile east of Indian Tom Lake Road in Siskiyou County): Rehabilitate pavement and upgrade facilities to ADA standards, and upgrade guardrail and TMS elements. This project includes $14.3M in IIJA funding, and $134K in SB1 funding.

Thomes Creek Bridge MTCE Project (In Tehama County near Corning at Thomes Creek Bridge #08-0165): Apply polyester concrete overlay to bridge deck, replace joint seals, repair unsound concrete, and upgrade guardrail to ensure the safety and integrity of the structure. This project includes $570K in SB1 funding.

Dibble Creek CAPM Project (In Tehama County near Red Bluff from 0.8 mile east of Salt Creek Bridge to Baker Road): Rehabilitate pavement by repairing localized failure and overlaying with asphalt to extend pavement service life and improve ride quality. Work also includes upgrading guardrail and signs, adding lighting, and rehabilitating drainage systems. This project includes $17.5M in IIJA funding, and $169K in SB1 funding.

VP2 Project (Near Los Molinos, from Butte County line to south of Los Molinos Creek Bridge in Tehama County): Rehabilitate pavement, upgrade guardrail and TMS elements, upgrade facilities to meet ADA standards, rehabilitate drainage systems, and widen shoulders. This project includes $3M in SB1 funding.

Butte/Plumas 70 Corridor Slides Project (The project limits are within the Dixie Fire burn scar area with steep terrain in Plumas and Butte counties): This project will remove slide material from slope and traveled way and monitor the corridor for additional rock fall and mud slides. This supplemental is needed because recent storm events from Jan through Mar 2023 have continued to cause damage and initiate new slides in this area, blocking the road in multiple locations. Material is stockpiled and needs to be removed, erosion is occurring from flooding, and drainage systems need to be repaired, pavement, guardrail, and striping needs to be replaced, and boulders need to be broken down to manageable size to haul out to a disposal area.

A13 at Route 36 Safety Project (Near Chester, from 0.3 mile west to 0.3 mile east of County Road A13 in Plumas County): Improve safety by constructing a roundabout. This project includes $7.2M in IIJA funding.

The IIJA, also known as the “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” is a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure to improve the sustainability and resiliency of our energy, water, broadband and transportation systems. California has received more than $22 billion since the IIJA’s passage in November 2021.

SB 1 provides $5 billion in transportation funding annually that is shared equally between the state and local agencies. Road projects progress through construction phases more quickly based on the availability of SB 1 funds, including projects that are partially funded by SB 1.

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