California Poison Control wants everyone to safely observe National Injury Prevention Day Nov. 18

“Everyone deserves to grow old,” which is why the California Poison Control urges California residents to observe the Injury Free Coalition for Kids’ 4th National Injury Prevention Day Nov. 18.

The day was established to raise awareness of the fact that injuries and violence are the number one reason that people between the ages 1 to 44 years old are killed and/or hospitalized — something that most people may not know.

Annually, accidental injuries and violence causes more than 278,000 deaths, 2.8 million hospitalizations and 18.5 million emergency department visits, costing approximately $4.2 trillion per year.

“Among the most common causes of accidental injuries are car crashes, suffocation, drowning, poisoning, falls and fires,” says Cyrus Rangan, MD, a pediatrician and medical toxicologist with California Poison Control System. “With the right safety practices, many of these are preventable.”

Here are a few important safety suggestions from Dr. Rangan
Buckle up — make sure your child is in a car seat or booster seat that is correct for their age and weight. Adults and older teens should use their seat belts, too.

Infants should sleep alone and be placed on their backs on a flat and firm surface — avoid loose bedding or soft toys in the crib.

Learn basic swimming and water safety skills — important for parents and kids.

Use a four-sided fence with self-closing and self-latching gates around pools.

Keep medicines away from children and teens.

Keep cleaning solutions and other toxic products in original packaging and where children can’t access them.

Use soft landing surfaces, such as sand or wood chips, where children play.

During sports and recreational activities such as bicycling, skating/skateboarding, and using scooters, always use protective gear, like a helmet.

Install smoke alarms in bedrooms and on every level of the home; test monthly.

Keep matches and lighters in a locked high cabinet out of your child’s reach.

About CPCS
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