California Senate Republicans urge early action to address state’s $68 billion deficit

With California facing a massive $68 billion deficit, Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones and Senate Budget Vice Chair Roger Niello are urging the governor to act early to address the state’s worsening fiscal condition.

In a letter today to the governor, they explained, “making prudent adjustments to the current year’s general fund budget would help prevent the fiscal condition of the state’s finances from getting worse.”

You can read the entire letter here.

“This budget deficit will impact every California resident and doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or Democrat,” said  Jones. “That’s why we must roll up our sleeves and work together to bring spending in line with revenues.”

Jones and  Niello stated in their letter to the governor that “failing to act now will lead to increased instability in future budgets and impact the functions and services the state provides. Including accelerated action proposals in your January budget will help the state achieve this aim.”

“I cautioned during the budget process last year that we need to show more fiscal restraint. The majority party ignored those warnings and passed an unsustainable budget based on unrealistic revenue assumptions,” said  Niello. “Now in the face of a massive deficit, a realistic and prudent spending plan is the only solution.”