California seventh among states with the lowest premature birth rates

New research reveals the states with the lowest number of babies being born before 37 weeks of gestation, and New Hampshire tops the ranking.

Experts at Birth Injury Lawyers Group examined 2022 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discover which states have the lowest number of babies being born prematurely. They gathered the total number of births and the number of preterm births in each state, comparing the two to calculate the percentage of preterm births.

California ranked seventh in the nation with 9.08 percent of all births being premature; this is equivalent to 38,002 out of 418,523 births.

New Hampshire tops the ranking as the state with the lowest premature birth rate, with only 985 out of 12,062 total births being preterm in 2022. That is only 8.17 percent of all births accounting for babies who are born too early.

Oregon is the state with the second lowest number of preterm births in America; just 8.71 percent of all birhs are premature. This is equal to 3,436 preterm births out of the 39,451 total.

In third place is Washington, with 7,297 out of 83,207 births being premature – this equates to just 8.77 percent.

Next is Idaho in fourth place, with just 8.85 percent of births being babies born too early or 1,981 out of 22,382 total births.

Vermont experienced only 467 preterm births out of a total of 5,275, which is equal to 8.86 percent, resulting in the fifth position of the ranking.

Rhode Island has the sixth lowest rate of premature birth, with just 9 percent or 919 out of the 10,214 total births being too early.

In eighth, just above California’s preterm birth rate, is Massachusetts with 9.09 percent of births being preterm. Out of the 68,613 total births, only 6,237 were babies born too early.

New Jersey experienced 9,548 premature births out of the 102,883 total, making that 9.28 percent, placing New Jersey in the ninth position.

Utah just makes the ranking for the lowest preterm birth rates in America, with 9.37 percent of all births being premature, which is equal to 4,288 out of 45,761 births.

Birth injury expert Bob Goldwater from Birth Injury Lawyers Group commented on the findings: “Having a baby is a rewarding yet challenging journey, and finding the right place to raise a child can be daunting. This study provides valuable insight into premature births, which can cause delays in the development of all organs, including the brain.

“While we cannot control some causes of premature birth, such as illnesses, factors like drug or alcohol use during pregnancy can increase the chances of a baby being born too early.”

Using the number of total births and preterm births published by the CDC, Birth Injury Lawyer Groupcalculated the percentage of babies born preterm from these figures and ranked US states from the lowest to highest percentage.

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