California Water Commission to present statewide strategies for protecting communities, fish and wildlife during drought

As part of the California Water Commission’s work in support of Water Resilience Portfolio Action 26.3, Commission staff will present a white paper containing potential strategies to protect communities and fish and wildlife in the event of drought at the January 17 meeting. The commission will be asked to approve the paper. If the paper is approved, it will be shared with the Secretaries for Natural Resources, Environmental Protection, and Food and Agriculture, who requested the Commission’s engagement on this topic.

The commission’s work intends to inform the secretaries as they prepare for and navigate future droughts and to position the state to better protect some of its most vulnerable water users: fish and wildlife and communities. At its November 2023 meeting, the commission reviewed a draft version of this paper. The final paper incorporates public comments. The white paper can be viewed here.

What: California Water Commission meeting
When: Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. PST Jan. 17
Where: Room 221B, CNRA headquarters, 715 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

How to participate remotely
You may join the meeting on Zoom ( More detailed instructions on how to use Zoom and participate in the meeting can be found on the Commission website.

Offer verbal comments by telephone by calling one of the numbers below:
(408) 638-0968
(669) 900-6833
Meeting ID: 856 1585 5471
Password: 515584

Individuals who only want to watch or listen can view the live webcast at: as it preserves interactive meeting resources for those who are commenting on items.

About the California Water Commission
The nine-member California Water Commission uses its public forum to explore water management issues from multiple perspectives and to formulate recommendations to advise the director of the California Department of Water Resources, and as appropriate, the California Natural Resources Agency, the governor and the California State Legislature on ways to improve water planning and management in response to California’s changing hydrology. As required by Water Code section 165, the commission conducts an annual review of the construction and operation of the State Water Project.

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