Campus construction projects discussed

 On Tuesday, July 11, the Lassen Community College Board of Trustees received an update on campus construction from President and Superintendent Dr. Marlon Hall.

“For the past two years, Lassen Community College has been involved in several construction projects on campus,” said Hall. He said the renovation of the Academic Resource Center, new nursing labs and classrooms and office construction in the categorical offices in the creative arts building have already been completed. Hall gave updates on the rest of the ongoing projects around the campus. Hall said the dormitory kitchen is 95 percent completed.

Hall said cabinets are being stained, the mechanical vent is being reassembled and the doorframe is being finished. He said they also plan to mount a new 49” TV as well. Hall said he hopes the dorm kitchen will be completed by the beginning of the fall semester.

Hall said the water project is moving forward. “Preliminary testing of our wells happened today,” said Hall. “Our wells one and two are working great.” He said the plan was to go live in about six weeks, depending on state approval. Hall said heaters and electrical upgrades have been installed and are working fine.

“A new transformer and switchgear were installed last week,” said Hall. “We are now looking at a faulty transformer behind the creative arts building.”

Hall said a new fire pit area, in front of the café, is being installed and should be completed by mid-August.

“This will enhance student life on campus,” said Hall. Hall said a retaining wall will soon be going up behind the amphitheater. Hall said they will be meeting with an engineer and contractor about the timeframe and completion of the lounge. Hall said the fire sprinkler project will be completed by July 20. Hall said the material that will cover the exposed sprinkler, Sofi Steele, will be completed by August 1.

Hall said the container and concrete work in the gunsmithing area will be completed by the end of August. Hall said the director of facilities and maintenance will be meeting with a consultant to work on a fencing project for the soccer fields.

Hall then discussed some things he would like to see done in the future. “In the future I would like to see a project to improve the lighting in our classrooms,” said Hall. “This is important for student learning and success.”

Hall said it assists faculty in providing the best educational opportunities for students. Hall said he also wants to install air-conditioning in the academic resource center, the categorical office and the gunsmithing classroom area. Hall said he’d also like to update Middleton Hall. Hall thanked Greg Collins, Jeff Lang, Nick Cordona, Patrick Clancy, Joe Morgan, Brendan Holguin and Patricia Shannon for their work on the campus projects.