101 Ranch. UC Davis Digital Collection.

CDFW, FRLT, Wildlife Conservation Board seek conservation easement for 101 Ranch near Coppervale

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife through the Wildlife Conservation Board is involved in a land acquisition program focused on the long-range protection and enhancement of habitat for fish and wildlife.

The CDFW identifies sites considered for acquisition in response to public interest, legislative mandate and departmental goals.

According to a letter from Benjamin Ichimaru, office technician with the WCB, “I am writing to advise you that the WCB will consider the allocation of a grant to The Trust for Public Land to assist in its acquisition of a conservation easement more than 1,826 acres of land for the preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitat located in Lassen County and identified as Assessor’s Parcel Nos. 113-070-07; 113-070-08; 113-100-02; 113-100-03; 113-100-05; 115-070-10; 115-070-11; 115-070-12 (portion); 115-070-15; 115-070-16; 115-120-02; 115-120-05; 115-120-31 (portion).

“The proposal is scheduled to be presented at the Feb. 15, 2024, board meeting. An electronic copy of the preliminary agenda is available for your review at wcb.ca.gov under News and Announcements. A more complete description of each proposal will be contained in the final meeting Agenda, which will be available at wcb.ca.gov 10 days prior to the board meeting.”

According to the preliminary agenda:
Mountain Meadows, Expansion 1 (101 Ranch) $950,000 Lassen County
To consider the allocation for a grant to Trust for Public Land for a cooperative project with CDFW and Feather River Land Trust to acquire a conservation easement of more than 1,827 acres of land for the protection of mountain meadow, pine forest, historic agricultural use, open space and provide future wildlife-oriented public-use opportunities, located five miles northeast of Westwood in Lassen County.

Lassen County staff has requested additional information about the project, including:

  • Please provide mapping and ownership.
  • What is the grant amount?
  • What is the source(s) of funding?
  • Will the subject lands continue to pay property taxes?
  • What are the specified acquired rights?
  • What are the restrictions on uses that will be specified in the conservation easement?
  • What are the retained rights (for example: right-of-way, mineral rights/production, housing, groundwater/surface water, etc.)?
  • Will there be any restrictions specified about private or public third-party uses of the land?
  • Who are the existing private and public third-party users, and for what purpose?
  • Is Coppervale Ski Hill, operated by Lassen Community College, located within the boundaries of this conservation easement?
  • Are there any existing or proposed public-safety and/or private communication sites within the boundaries of this conservation easement?