CEEE leaders oppose CPUC’s utility tax proposed decision

Esperanza Vielma, from EJCW, Pastor Ambrose Caroll, from Green the Church, and Francisco Moreno, from COFEM, issued the following statement on the California Public Utilities Commissions’ Proposed Decision in the Utility Tax Proceeding.

“A $24.15 uncapped fixed charge on millions of Californians flies in the face of what environmental justice communities have been demanding at the CPUC and the California Legislature. The real crisis that our communities face is twofold: skyrocketing electricity bills and the CPUC’s seeming desire to let these profit-hungry utility companies continue to make billions in yearly profits while consumers from working communities are burdened with higher and higher utility bills. What is $24 today will turn into $80 tomorrow.

“Our coalition of 240+ environmental justice, climate, renter, housing and community groups stand firm in opposing this proposal. The only way to protect California ratepayers is to pass Assemblymember Irwin’s AB 1999. This is the only proposal that stops this current attempt at giving utilities what they want, which is another corporate handout on the backs of working Californians.”

About CEEE
The Coalition for Environmental Equity and Economics is a coalition of three powerful environmental justice groups in California. Together, Green the Church, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, and the Federation of Clubs and Associations Mexicanos in North America believe in and advocate for community power-building, environmental and economic justice, social equity and energy democracy. When Wall Street Utilities weaponize economic and social equity issues to manipulate public sentiment, we speak truth to power. Learn more at ceeetruth.org.