5-year-old Bethany Johnson left, examines vegetables still on the vine, while 3-year-old sister Aubrey and pal Logan Horst,5, look on during a Grounded Beginnings class held on-site at the Community Garden. Photos by Glenda Svendsen

Children learn how food grows at Community Garden

Teaching kids about where food comes from and how to grow it is a basic skill that is often overlooked in today’s society. Sandra Horst offers Grounded Beginnings, a class educating kids about eco systems at our Community Garden Monday through Thursday 8-11 a.m. starting in September.

Lily Horst learns about growing watermelon at the Community Garden during a lesson taught by her mother, Sandra Horst.

Horst explains, “Grounded Beginnings is an outdoor learning experience deeply rooted in Permaculture principles. The goal is to grow an entire generation who has an inherent stewardship with the Earth, great respect for its people, and a desire to nurture all living creatures who live here.”

Children will encounter a community of plants, bugs and birds in our community garden.

There is even a three-foot high insect house for observing tiny members of the bountiful garden.

There are endless learning opportunities and hands-on activities for children to engage in.

One demonstration involved the lifting of a large sunflower to examine its roots before extracting seeds for the young horticulturists to take home and plant.

There is a small fee to participate in the classes, which is offset by produce plucked right from the vine that kids can sample and share with their families.

The classes provide an excellent opportunity for children of all ages to learn and Horst is an experienced teacher as she is also the leader of another outdoor class introducing children to the wonders of nature, Tinkergarten.

Contact Horst at 530.249.8590 or visit: our grounded beginnings at Facebook to learn more.