City approves agreement for use of Conservation Camp Program

The Susanville City Council unanimously approved the continued utilization of conservation camp crews for ongoing maintenance and project ideas.

During the Wednesday, June 2 meeting, the council was presented with a resolution, which authorizes for both the mayor to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the state and the City Administrator to sign the Conservation Camp Program Project Request as necessary, as both expired.

Bob Godman, Acting Public Works Director, presented the resolution to the board.

He noted in the report, “city departments have many ongoing maintenance tasks and project ideas which are difficult to accomplish with limited staffing. Some of these tasks and projects include weeds on City properties, River Trail and Skyline Park Trail maintenance, Susan River bank and vegetation maintenance, just to name a few.”

Cal Fire trains and maintains wildland fire crews at the California Correctional Center. These crews are available to the city for various uses on public properties.

The cost for a 16 person crew, with supervision, transportation, fuels, and equipment is $200 per day, plus a 12.5 percent administrative fee, or other in-kind methods of payment agreed upon by both agencies before work begins. The department that uses the crew covers these costs.

The two documents, the MOUD and the Project Request have a two-year term.