Veterinarian Dr. Boyd Taylor gives Basil the dog a rabies vaccination while his owner, Eric Nielson, holds him. File photos

City cancels annual Memorial Park Dog Clinic

The city of Susanville announced it has canceled the annual Memorial Park Dog Clinic and extended the

Nicole Middleton, left, Zechariah Middleton, Josiah Middleton and McKenna Baisley pet their new dog, Bogart, adopted from the Lassen County Animal Shelter during the Low Cost Rabies and Licenses Clinic Pet Adoption and Awareness Day.

licensing fee discount through Friday, June 19.

According to a Tuesday, June 16 post on the Susanville Police Department’s Facebook page, “Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the city is forced to cancel our Dog Clinic at Memorial Park typically scheduled for June. Beginning June 1, dog licenses will be processed at the Susanville Police Department, 1801 Main St.

“The standard discount that has applied in the past at the Dog Clinic will be extended through June 19. Discounts for fees for city dog license: altered, $3.50; unaltered, $8.”

For more information, call the city of Susanville at 257-1000.