City Council approves Urban Water Management, Water Storage Contingency plans

Susanville City Councilmembers Russ Brown and Thomas Herrera were absent for the Wednesday, Nov. 1 meeting, but the remaining councilmembers quickly moved through the agenda.

Urban Water Management, Water Storage Contingency plans
The council unanimously approved Resolution No 23-6252, approving and adopting the revised 2020 Urban Water Management Plan and the Water Storage Contingency Plan.

According to the staff report, the council approved the plans Dec. 7. 2022, but the state of California asked for revisions. The revised plan was presented during a public hearing Oct. 18, 2023, and once approved by the council, the plans will be forwarded to the state for final approval.

According to the staff report, “The Urban Water Management Plan is a requirement of the Urban Water Management Planning Act … The UWMPs must be prepared every five years and submitted to the Department of Water Resources. The submittal is required to meet the requirements of the UWMPA, including the most current amendments … UWMPs are required of the state’s urban water suppliers in an effort to assist their resource planning and to ensure adequate water supplies are available for future use. A secondary purpose of the UWMP is to provide a plan for a series of actions to be implemented during water shortage situations.”

Public hearing on the Community Development Block Grant Program
The council held a public hearing on the Community Development Block Grant Program. The purpose of the public hearing was to receive public comment on the grant project completion. No action was required. The fiscal impact is grant  reimbursements received totaling $180,800.

According to the staff report, ” Through the use of this grant funding, the city of Susanville was able to purchase two decontamination suitcases. The purpose of the decontamination suitcases is to provide protection against pathogens with minimum effort and zero risk. The decontamination suitcase is a portable emergency medical sterilizer equipped to disinfect, sterilize and convert ozone gas back to oxygen in as quickly as 3 minutes. The city of Susanville in 2020 purchased one decontamination suitcase through a company that specializes in emergency response items and trained employees on how to properly use the equipment. In order to reduce additional training and to maximize the kits usages, the city sole sourced the procurement of additional suitcases through Genlantis. An additional positive outcome of sourcing the purchase through Genlantis besides training on a new product, departments now will have interchangeable equipment parts, if needed. The suitcases are available for use by the Susanville Fire Department, Susanville Volunteer Fire Department, Susanville Police Department and city of Susanville Public Works Department.

The second activity completed, was the purchase of a Emergency Response Vehicle for the Susanville Fire Department. The purpose of this vehicle is to be utilized in emergency response where COVID exposure is inevitable or is presumed. Due to CDC regulations and requirements, all emergency response services are required to sanitize and disinfect the fire equipment, fire gear and the entire vehicle after each occurrence. This process takes that emergency response vehicle out of commission until the cleaning process is complete. The purchase of a Type 6 vehicle has allowed emergency fire response in a smaller vehicle when other Fire Department vehicles must be taken out of commission for cleaning, allowing alternative response with ease, and will not alter, hinder, or suppress the department’s ability to respond to other incidents with fire equipment/trucks. In the stages of research and procurement of the Type 6 vehicle, Susanville’s Fire Chief identified two potential vendors that build this specific type of vehicle and selected one vendor that could provide the vehicle to meet our specifications within our designated time frame and budget. The Type 6 vehicle was built and in order for the vehicle to be delivered, the vendor required that personnel flew out to view and approve the vehicle prior to the “build phase” to be complete.

The vehicle also was unable to be delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner, therefore a member of the Susanville Fire Department flew to pick up and drive the vehicle back to the city fire station. The vehicle has already been in rotation of heavy usage and has accomplished and fulfilled it purpose more than the department originally anticipated. In only a few months the vehicle has serviced our community in a positive manner. The vehicle was presented to the city council at the first meeting in August 2023.

Fence around the Cady Springs Water Tank
The council unanimously approved Resolution No. 23-6351 authorizing the Public Works Director to sign a contract with Tholl Fence Inc. of Sparks, Nevada for the installation of a security fencing around the Cady Springs Water Tank and authorize the Finance Director to adjust the Water Division budget as necessary.

According to the staff report. during the water division’s last security evaluation, one of the main suggestions was to finish the security fence around the Cady Springs Water Tank. The fiscal impact is $43,255 plus a 10 percent contingency for a total of $47,580. There is no impact to the general fund and the cost will be paid by the water division’s funds.

Cady Springs
Cady Springs is located about two and a half miles west of Susanville on the north slope of the Susan River Canyon. Cady Springs is at approximately 4,600 feet in elevation which is approximately 300 feet in elevation above the Susan River. The springs are located approximately 1,000 feet south of Highway 36. Locked gates and wire fencing control access to the springs. The springs are located on 40 acres of city owned property. The city acquired the water system and water rights from California Pacific National Corporation in 1986. The city has the right to use and consume the entire flow from Cady Springs. Cady Springs produces an annual average of 900 gallons-per-minute in a dry year to 1,500 gpm in a wet year. In August 2015 Cady Springs produced an average flow of 742 gpm.

Magical Country Christmas
The council unanimously approved Resolution No. 23-6252 approving street closures for the Magical Country Christmas celebration held from 4 to 7p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
The council unanimously approved Resolution No. 23-6254 approving street closures for the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot event held from 8 to 10 a.m. Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 23.

Airport Ground Lease
The council unanimously approved Resolution No. 23-6255 regarding a hangar lease at the Susanville Municipal Airport subject to verification of the correct lease amount.

Closed session
The council met in closed session for a conference with labor negotiators regarding the Firefighter Unit. There was no reportable action.

Consent calendar
The council unanimously approved the consent calendar (minutes from the council’s Oct. 18 meeting; vendor and payroll warrants; and approved the appointment of Susanville Airport Commissioners William Heyland and Paul Clark).

Business from the floor
Several residents provided public comment during business from the floor.

Alice Allison, the religious organization coordinator at Sacred Heart Church again asked the city to act on its proposal for a street procession Sunday, Dec. 12. When the mayor asked her to submit information to staff, Allison said she submitted a letter on the procession to city staff Oct. 3

Susanville realtor Jim McCarthy complained about the parking barriers for the Safe and Sane event being placed on the street five days in advance. He said the barricades hurt Uptown businesses and left him with “low expectations” regarding the city.

He also said the city should put its efforts to hire an economic development director until after the next election.

“What the heck is the matter with you guys?” he asked.

Joseph Sand said some crosswalks on Main Street are dangerous. He suggested better lighting and flashing beacons activated with a button would make the crosswalks safer.

Resident Jacquie Henry she saw kids almost get hit near Sierra Theatre.

Veterans Day Proclamation
Susanville Mayor Quincy McCourt read a proclamation recognizing Veterans Day.

The Susanville’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15.