City finds funds to finish some streets

West Street and Hospital Lane, included as part of the originally intended capital improvement project in Susanville, were dropped because of fiscal concerns. However, they will now be added back to the roster.

In April of last year, the Susanville City Council approved an award for a State Transportation Improvement Program project.

As of now, the project is essentially complete and has a remaining balance for construction, contingencies and construction engineering of approximately $190,000.

Since the project has these additional funds, city staff is recommending work on both streets. However, the actual extent of the work to be performed has yet to be determined, and the staff will negotiate costs with the contractor to accomplish the most amount of work feasible. They will also determine limits that make the most sense for one or both of the streets.

The two streets were also covered in the environmental clearance approvals received prior to allocation of the funding granted by the state for the construction phase.

Estimates prepared at the time (and based upon recent pricing relevant to this type of project) suggested that adequate funding was not available combined with anticipated costs for materials testing and construction engineering. This led these two streets to be removed from the base bid and also delayed until adequate funding could be made available.

The work, as with other locations previously completed, include the installation of asphalt pavement, localized repairs to the sub-grade, re-establishing proper street profiles and cross slopes, required upgrades to existing access ramps in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act at intersections where present and also repairs to areas of curbs and gutters where not draining properly.