City Fire Department’s ISO rating improves

Effective Jan. 1, 2022, the city of Susanville’s fire department joined the ranks of 158 fire agencies and communities in California that have achieved an Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification of 2/2Y. This equates to an overall Fire Suppression Rating within the city of Susanville that is protected by the Susanville Fire Department of 82 percent or a B grade. Our previous rating for the past four years has been a 3/3Y — and a rating of 5 prior to that.

If you own property or a business within the city of Susanville, contact your insurance company and advise them of the Public Protection Classification change which is now a 2/2Y. This increase in protection rating may reflect a change in the policy, ability to write a policy, coverages and/or charges for personal or commercial property insurance.

According to a statement from James Moore, Susanville’s fire chief, “Our community should be proud of its investment in the Susanville Fire Department and water infrastructure system. Without these investments it would not be possible to provide this excellent fire protection rating. To retain this rating, it is essential that we maintain our current staffing and service levels. It is a pleasure to serve the citizens of Susanville with well-trained and prepared staff; adequate, safe and tested equipment; reliable water availability for fire suppression; operational and appropriate apparatus, redundant communication and 911 systems and a community fire inspection and prevention program; all of which are weighed and rated to achieve our overall rating of 2/2Y.”

If you have any questions regarding this matter, call the Susanville Fire Department at 257-5152.