City launches new ‘We Are Susanville’ video campaign

Are you ready and able to be a video star and help the city of Susanville market itself to the outside world? Oh boy, then here’s your chance.

Quincy McCourt, the city of Susanville’s project manager, recently introduced a new city project called, “We Are Susanville.“

According to a statement from the city, “This project would serve as a positive marketing strategy to portray the city of Susanville as a place of community togetherness and as a travel destination for recreational activities.”

“We’re asking people for a short video because we don’t know what they’re going to come up with,” McCourt said. “If they’re decent enough quality, we’ll stream a bunch of them together and make a two- or three-minute video that says we are Susanville, highlighting all the things from different community members that make us unique.”

McCourt said he could take photographs of the community — biking trails, for example — but he wants to get the community involved and let them explain why Susanville is so great.

“We want to get the community involved in saving the city in every way we can,” McCourt said. “The community is the city.”

The videos could be about ordinary, everyday things or spectacular endeavors.

How can you participate?

The city of Susanville provided information on how to submit a video and shared ideas about the content.

Record a video of yourself or your friends/family talking about why you like Susanville or activities you enjoy in Susanville. For example, you could talk about your job, your weekends in Susanville, the outdoor activities you enjoy, the people, the community — anything really.

Be sure to state, “I am Susanville” at the beginning of your clip, so that it flows with the theme of this project. Each clip will start with “I am Susanville”

This video can be created on a cell phone “selfie style” or whatever video recording tools that are available to you.

But remember, less is more, the city is only asking for 26 seconds or less, so have fun with it. If you have an amazing message to share, but the video is not quality, they can work with you to enhance the video.

Email your video to Use “I am Susanville” as your subject line.

The city invites everyone to contribute, and it looks forward to seeing what residents come up with.