City works to reduce shopping carts around town

The city of Susanville is working on decreasing the number of shopping carts left outside of their designated areas.

During the Nov. 4 Susanville City Council meeting, City Planner Kelly Mumper shared an update the city’s shopping cart ordinance and how the process is going.

The Susanville City Council adopted a new ordinance enforcing shopping cart management, removal, impoundment, retrieval and disposal and prevention of abandoned carts in mid July.

According to Mumper, letters were sent to the 12 businesses around the city that provide shopping carts. He said he has received four applications back, as of Nov. 4.

“Since the inception of the above mentioned ordinance, staff has worked extensively with each store manager to help ensure fewer shopping carts get abandoned around town. The city planner and code enforcement officer, which is myself, makes at least one weekly sweep of Susanville to inventory abandoned shopping carts and notify store managers of their locations to be retrieved,” he informed the board.

Mumper continued, when he finds a cart, he calls the store manager and notifies them they have 24 hours to pick it up. If they do not, it counts as a violation, he elaborated. According to the ordinance, two violations in a 90-day period requires the managers to geofence their carts.

“That being said, I have not have to issue any violations to any store managers at this point because they have been very responsive and are abiding by the rules,” said Mumper.

Mumper also commended Safeway manager Zak Davis helped remove some carts and fill industrial trash bags by the river.

He also extended appreciation to Lassen Rural Bus for their efforts helping the city and stores with retrieving and removing abandoned carts.

“I think it’s also important to note … (the Susanville Police Department) is actively citing and ticketing people in possession of shopping carts off the premises of which they serve,” Mumper said.

The city council did not take any action on the matter during the meeting.