Free concessions are in ample supply for film lovers both young and young at heart. Photos by Jake Hibbitts

College film night returns this Friday

Cory McClellan spelling out to the audience just how much scandal surrounded the film and how it affected the lives of its cast for years to come.

Lassen College English professor and department head, Cory McClellan, or Mr. Mac as he humbly likes to be called, holds his film nights on the last Friday of the month, through the spring semester.

February’s film, the 1954 Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, brought together around 30 college students and staff, community members and of course the sprinkling of a few “looky-loos” as Mr. Mac calls them.

His next film will be March 29 at 5:30. The movie: the 1985 Ridley Scott fantasy film, Legend, starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry.

Plenty of concessions were supplied at no charge to attendees at the February film night. Chips, candy, soda and water were all in ample supply and Mr. Mac needed to continually remind of its existence throughout the beginning and conclusion of the film. There was still plenty left at the crowd dispersed, and not because they weren’t tasty.

Audience members trickle in one-by-one to get Mr. Mac’s take on the classic film they’re about to watch.

The film experience with Mr. Mac at Middleton Hall is like that of any other event held inside its doors: insightful, inspiring and offering of a new perspective. Its also free.

Mr. Mac recounted to the audience the fervent tension on-set the movie and how it fueled the character’s regard for one another on-screen, and also of the scandalous affairs spilling over into real life.

Mr. Mac may give away plots and endings, but he offers a hand behind the curtain of Hollywood and its supposed magic to anyone willing.