Congress: Pfizer-occupied territory?

In the early 1990s – at the time of the First Gulf War – syndicated columnist and future presidential candidate Pat Buchanan half-jokingly called Congress “Israeli-occupied territory” to describe the influence of the powerful Zionist lobby on Capitol Hill. Today, it could be argued rather convincingly – especially in the wake of the rise of the COVID-19 cult – that Congress is Pfizer-occupied territory – a body totally in the back-pocket of Big Pharma and its lobbyists.

The pervasive and pernicious influence of Big Pharma and its millions of dollars in campaign contributions to both Republican and Democrat members of Congress is perhaps the major reason why the pandemic was not shut down in its early days using inexpensive but highly effective therapeutics. The fact that the pharmaceutical industry supplies 45 percent of the FDA’s budget in the form of “user fees,” that both the CDC and NIH own hundreds of vaccine patents and that medicrats like America’s omnipresent Dwarf King, Tony Fauci, receive annual royalties of up to $150,000 on their fast-forwarded vaccines only underscores the truth about who and what is calling the shots in Washington, D.C.

According to recent data from the KHN’s Pharma Cash to Congress database, the drug industry poured $1.6 million into the coffers of lawmakers during the first six months of 2021, with Republicans grabbing $785,000 and Democrats $776,000, proving that Big Pharma is certainly bipartisan. Ahead of the 2020 elections, 72 Senators and 302 members of Congress received contributions from Big Pharma, two-thirds of the entire body. Pfizer’s political action committee alone contributed to 228 members of Congress and Amgen’s PAC to 218. Overall, the industry donated $14 million, with $7.1 million going to the GOP and $6.6 million to Democrats. Pfizer also sent checks to more than 1,000 candidates in state legislative races.

Some of the biggest recipients of industry money include Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy as well as Republican Congressman Richard Hudson of North Carolina who cashed almost $140,000. Other House members on the Pharma gravy train in a big way are Representatives Kurt Schrader of Oregon, Anna Eshoo of California, Robin Kelly of Illinois, Scott Peters of California and Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington. Senators heavy on the take include Democrats Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada. Combined, these three senators accepted well over $200,000 from the drug lobby. Some of the top GOP recipients in the Senate include Joni Ernst of Iowa, John Coryn of Texas, and Steve Daines of Montana. In many cases, these members sit on committees that draft legislation relating to the health care industry or represent districts with major medical companies or interests.

Could the fact that so many members of Congress are receiving payouts and payoffs from Big Pharma have anything to do with the fact that there was so little pushback to the multi-billion dollar forced COVID-19 vaccination rollout?

In 2021 and 2022, Pfizer alone expects to make $65 billion off the vaccines and probably much more when you add in endless “boosters.” Additional billions (the federal government has already purchased $5.29 billion) will be generated from the company’s new anti-COVID viral pill which is essentially reconstituted ivermectin with a huge pricetag of $529 per course. The vaccines account for more than 60 percent of the company’s sales and its adjusted earnings in 2021 were up 133 percent from the previous year. As of November 2021, Pfizer’s stock was up almost 40 percent. Moderna expected 2021 to reap $18.4 billion in anticipated product sales related to advance purchase agreements for the vaccines. Johnson and Johnson looked to generate at least $10 billion in 2021.

The frenzy to vaccinate the entire world population against COVID will be recorded in history as one of the greatest and most ruthlessly profitable endeavors ever undertaken, yet at a cost of hundreds of thousands — and probably millions — of innocent lives.

Many highly regarded physicians and scientists believe COVID could have been shut down and stamped out as early as April 2020 had Tony Fauci and the medi-pharma establishment not moved heaven and earth to prevent the easy distribution of hydroxycholoroquine which countless studies and on-the ground research proved successful in beating the virus and preventing hospitalization and death in its early stages. Fauci and company even went to the extreme of rigging studies using toxic levels of HCQ on already late-stage COVID patients with co-morbidities in order to discredit this popular and widely used anti-malaria drug which largely kept COVID off the African continent.

The same for ivermectin – which has long been used off-shelf by doctors for a variety of conditions including scabies. Ridiculed by Fauci, Big Pharma and the media as a horse “dewormer,” ivermectin proved itself perhaps even more successful than HCQ in preventing serious illness in COVID patients. These dirt-cheap drugs – often used in conjunction with Vitamin D, zinc and azithromycin – boasted success rates as high as 80 to 90 percent, yet they were completely unprofitable to the pharmaceutical industry and would have clipped the wings of our globalist overlords and their lockdowns, maskdowns, and business and school closures had they been distributed widely from the beginning of the pandemic. Power and profit was the name of the game and Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the CEOS of Big Pharma weren’t about to let all that go.

Instead, Fauci’s solution was wait until you can’t breathe, go to the ER, be put on a ventilator to destroy your lungs (and earn $37,000 for the hospital) and remdesivir to destroy your kidneys and die.

Tragically, some estimates claim as many as 500,000 of the more than 800,000 plus Americans who died with COVID could have been saved had these live-saving therapeutics been deployed in the early months of the crisis. Think of it: schools, churches and businesses would have remained open, families could have continued to visit their sick and dying and bury their dead, and people would not have been dehumanized through useless mask-wearing. Our society, our civilization would have been saved, except for the greed and sociopathic power-lust of our political, corporate and medical elites.

Now, we see that the COVID vaccines don’t work and have never worked. They don’t prevent transmission or illness. The VAERS data collection system has exploded with reports of deaths and serious injuries related to these experimental jabs, far exceeding the combined totals of all other vaccines throughout the years. Daily, we read of unexpected deaths among young and healthy athletes and teenagers from heart attacks and strokes. All vaccinated. We read of unusual death spikes in heavily vaccinated regions of the country and world. We see that the Omicron variant is largely affecting the vaxxed, not the unvaxxed.

Of course, it’s all a coincidence, right? Young people normally have strokes and heart attacks as well as myocarditis, right? It should be remembered that back in 1976, the Swine Flu vaccine was suspended after only a relative handful of deaths and injuries were reported. What we are talking about today is in the hundreds of thousands, probably millions.

Had Congress not been bought off by Big Pharma’s campaign largesse, might things have been different during the pandemic? Possibly. At least there might have been serious pushback to stop these dangerous vaccines and shift to life-saving therapeutics instead. 1976 is not that long ago, but when it comes to the amount of money Big Pharma showers over Washington, D.C., it seems like an eternity.

About Dr. James Veltmeyer
Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician and author of “Physician on a Mission: Dr. Veltmeyer’s RX to Save America.” He was voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at