Congressman LaMalfa applauds SCOTUS rulings on Chevron and Grants Pass 

Last week, the United States Supreme Court made sweeping decisions that limit administrative overreach and restore authority back to local governments.

In Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, the Court overturned the Chevron doctrine, which since 1984 has deferred interpretations of ambiguous statutes to unelected bureaucrats at federal agencies, circumventing congressional authority. This ruling restores checks and balances onto the executive branch and returns legislative authority back to Congress and the people who elect them.

In City of Grants Pass v. Johnson, the court ruled cities can enforce bans on homeless people sleeping outdoors and in public spaces, such as sidewalks and parks. Congressman Doug LaMalfa submitted an amicus brief in support of the ruling of this case.

“Today’s rulings knock the administrative state down several pegs and helps return our country to its constitutional foundations,” LaMalfa said. “The past Chevron decision has been used consistently through the decades to hinder innovation and place grave restrictions on farmers, business owners and even private landowners. Agencies never should have been allowed to usurp Congress’s legislative authority, nor reinterpret long settled laws and rules to make up new policies. Courts shouldn’t simply “defer” responsibility to bureaucracies as the experts, as frequently they are weaponized against producers by governments and attorneys. It’s past time for Chevron to have been struck down. In the case of Grants Pass, we in California have seen firsthand what happens when people are allowed to ‘camp’ in public spaces – open air drug markets and threats to nearby residents. Local governments have the right to combat the takeover of public spaces and do what is necessary to preserve public safety.”

About Congressman Doug LaMalfa
Congressman Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing California’s First Congressional District, including Lassen, Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Modoc, Shasta, Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama and Yuba counties.