Congressman LaMalfa — resign!

Russia’s Putin has invaded its neighbor, Ukraine, and justified that attack on his paranoia of NATO. One of his supporters is the former TEA Party Republican, the twice impeached Donald Trump. Several Republicans in the U.S. Congress have added their support for this act of war against the former Soviet Union member, Ukraine. Ukraine has been a sovereign nation for decades and has had democratically elected leadership since the former communist State fell apart.

Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons when it was assured that its independence would be respected by the world. One of the reasons Trump was impeached had to deal with his refusal to keep that promise, and the second impeachment was over Trump’s disregard for the Constitution and America’s right to a peaceful transfer of power when Americans rejected him in 2020.

Neither of these two “leaders” have any respect for any decent or lawful will of the people in this world. Putin is slyly implying that if any resistance to his criminal acts is taken, he may let loose Russia’s nuclear weapons. He is blackmailing the world. Trump supports his efforts.

The Republican political leaders that refuse to condemn this insanity must be seen as partners in crime, in my opinion. Congressman Doug LaMalfa would like us to believe that President Biden is reacting with weakness. Our representative to the U.S. Congress has a problem. He supported Trump as Trump refused to support Ukraine and denied giving aid to Ukraine that may have deterred Putin’s acts now. This is America, and American politicians who refuse to support America’s Constitution should have no place in our government.

Resign, Mr. LaMalfa. Resign and join the others who have left California for other places that suit them better.

James Ausmus
Leavitt Lake