Conservative radio host has a positive take on the midterm elections

Veteran political talk radio host Larry O’Connor has a positive take for Republicans on the outcome of the midterm elections. The GOP may have lost the Senate, but Republicans won the House and that’s enough to “stop Joe Biden’s legislative agenda.” In an exchange with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on her Better For America podcast, the Conservative host of WMAL-FM’s “O’Connor and Company” show said it doesn’t matter that we didn’t win the Senate; the now Republican controlled House of Representatives gives the party enough power to make a difference.

It also gives the party the ability “to dictate the committees and the priorities and an agenda for those committees,” O’Connor explained. “And that means investigations. It means deciding what is going to be talked about and examined in the House. And that’s critically important, too, for those voters who supported the Republican Party. So, could it have been better? Absolutely. But even on the downside, when you’ve got that kind of power in the House, that’s a good day. Nancy Pelosi goes into retirement — that’s a good day.”

He also pointed out that “Republican governors were undefeated. They protected their seats 100 percent across the line. And they even picked up a governor’s seat in Nevada and that’s pretty good, too. I wanted better, but let’s not be too negative. It was a pretty good day, actually.”

O’Connor went on to note that Republicans now have a means of stopping the White House legislative agenda.

“Joe Biden can certainly try executive actions, as we saw his predecessor, Barack Obama, do,” he said. “And hopefully the House can now try to put a halt to those by calling in members of the administration, by utilizing the court system,” just as the courts did when they foiled Biden’s “student loan payoff scheme.”

In addition, he said, the House now has the power to initiate investigations that were ignored by the Pelosi-era House.

“We still haven’t had a House or Senate explanation as to the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus,” he said. “President Biden just met with President Xi over in Asia before the G20 summit. Never even raised the issue. It’s outrageous. How many older Americans over the age of 70 years old tragically lost their lives prematurely because of COVID-19? And our president doesn’t even bother to mention it to the premier of China, let alone Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives and Chuck Schumer’s Senate. Not even have one investigative hearing into what the origins were. Did you know that the official story from the Chinese government is that this came from the United States? Did you know that? They are actually blaming the United States for the origins of COVID-19? So I think we need an investigation into that.”

On the abortion issue, O’Connor said that the media predicted that the Dobbs decision would have a negative effect on Republicans in the midterm elections.

“We heard many in the media say that’s it, the Republicans are completely screwed now,” he said. “Democrats are going to retain their power. And I said, listen, if getting rid of Roe vs Wade after nearly 50 years of praying in front of abortion clinics and marching in the dead of winter and raising money every election cycle with promises that we would overturn Roe vs Wade — just to be left in the rearview mirror without what we had asked for — if finally getting rid of Roe vs Wade means that Kevin McCarthy is denied the speaker’s gavel or Mitch McConnell the majority in the Senate for two more years. I’m okay with that. I’ll take that bargain. This goes well beyond who wins an election.”

As for the future of America, O’Connor said, “We should have hope in our future because our foundation is still strong in this country. Our founders handed us a gift and they set up a system that allowed every two years for the American people to decide, ‘nope we’re going in the wrong direction, let’s fix that.’ And that is ultimately what we’ve said [in this past election]. So, I’ll always have hope and always put my money on America in the long run. Ronald Reagan was the most influential elected leader of my time. I was able as a child to see what he was able to do. You look at how bad our country was in the late 70s, and it’s not too different, if you think about it. With crime in our major cities, with inflation, with the price of gas, with our standing in the world, I mean, it’s like déja vu all over again.”

But with hope, O’Connor knows America can be fixed and prosper as it once did. He knows that it is time for a leader to step up and really make a difference. And he believes that a leader who can do that will emerge.