California Correctional Center staff make donations to help local students. Photo submitted

Correctional Center donations help local students

During these trying times, with schools and non-essential businesses shutting down, many children in the community are left to figure out how to acquire daily meals in which they typically rely on the schools to provide. Although the schools are continuing to provide lunch during scheduled school days, they are not able to continue providing meals through break times, such as spring break.

According to a statement from the California Correctional Center, “CCC staff has always pulled together to take care of our community. This is just one of many kind acts made by CCC staff. A total of $1,300 was donated to ensure local children are provided for during spring break by providing 130 $10 gift cards purchased from a local store and McDonalds, and then delivering them to the Lassen Unified School District Office to hand out to children of all ages from various local schools throughout spring break.”

Upon becoming aware of children in the local junior high school in need of sweatshirts and warm clothing, CCC staff also collected various sweatshirts and donated them to Diamond View School to help kids get through the winter in warmth.

Many children were excited to receive the hoodie sweatshirts, sweaters and the school staff expressed their appreciation for fulfilling the need of their school as many children arrive with T-shirts on during cold weather.