Council approves allocation of ARPA fund expenditures — new group applies for funding

At the Susanville City Council’s Wednesday, July 3, meeting, the Susanville City Council approved Resolution No. 24-6328 allocating the $1.4 million in remaining American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Funding was approved for $359,000 for a new fire engine (total allocation $930,000 including $571,000 from the general fund (PG&E settlement money); $100,000 for improvements at the Susanville Elks Lodge; $450,000 for a performing arts center; $244,000 for a storage building behind the museum; $143,000 for bathrooms at Pat Murphy Field; and $150,000 to establish a code enforcement abatement fund.

According to the staff report, “ … each project requires further development and future action by city council. The performing arts center and the Elk’s Lodge both require sub-recipient agreements … ”

New group applies for funding
According to a letter from the Lassen Grove Recovery Group to the Susanville City Council, “At July 3, 2024, had a late start due  to catching up with electricity black out.  We were not in time for agenda item of ARPA. Spoke with city manager of the process to formally submit the proposal, and for that matter any other matters. Such as certified mail? City clerk, at public meeting.

“It is one thing to submit its another for the receiving party to formally receive it. So, what we are doing with this email is a ‘shot gun blast’ effect.  If this email is formal, then, good? Or then consider this email, to find out what exactly that process is. So, that it be submitted through the proper channel. We sure hate to be victims of circumstances, especially preferential circumstances. We are willing to skip the icebreakers and any nonchalant activities, and get right down to business. So that we can commence or that the ‘due process’ time clock does not fall into the wrong hands. It is my understanding, that motions are not ‘in concrete’ until the closure of agreed acceptance of these meeting minutes at next month. On our end, we believe and that is only a belief, that five business days, to merely respond to this email, whether formal or informal, directly or indirectly, is ample time to respond.”