Covered California launches the national 2022 open-enrollment period

The open-enrollment period for Affordable Care Act marketplaces begins Monday, Nov. 1, and millions of Americans are eligible for more financial help than ever before.

Increased financial help builds on the Affordable Care Act to lower premiums throughout all of 2022, and potentially through 2025 with the proposed Build Back Better plan, helping millions of Americans get and stay covered.

While California has reduced the rate of the uninsured to historic lows, an estimated 1.1 million are still uninsured and eligible for financial help, with the vast majority able to get coverage at no cost through either Covered California or Medi-Cal.

With new subsidies, hundreds of thousands of middle-income people — both uninsured and those who purchase coverage directly from a health insurance company — can now save thousands of dollars a year on their premiums if they sign up through Covered California.

Covered California is also launching a new statewide ad campaign to encourage people to visit to check out their options and see how they can benefit from the new financial help now available.