Dahle asks — will you join me in rescuing California from its destructive one-party system?

Over the last two years, we’ve seen California Governor Gavin Newsom’s state of emergency mandates permanently ruin businesses and lives. To this day, he refuses to remove this state of emergency -— now more than two years since it was first imposed.

While I would never deny the severity of COVID-19 — however — if a governor can leave the country on vacation for two weeks, then the emergency is over. Californians from every political party are wondering, “Does he really have the right to enforce these mandates?” Unfortunately, because of the state of emergency, the executive branch has certain unchecked powers allowing them to impose on your constitutional rights.

I believe our country was specifically founded so that governmental power would be kept in line with checks and balances. That’s why I authored and presented SB 1368 this week — a bill that if passed would have terminated a state of emergency after 45 days unless extended by the legislature. Unfortunately, this bill was shot down. SB 1368 would have allowed the legislature to extend the state of emergency when deemed appropriate and ultimately not allow any future governor to prolong a state of emergency ‘at their discretion’.

We must not allow the executive branch to have unchecked power. That includes myself when I am governor. Will you join us in rescuing California from this destructive one-party system?