Dahle blasts commissioner’s delay on fixing homeowners’ insurance crisis 

While insurance providers flee the state‚ the Democratic lawmakers announced they will not take immediate action despite the number of homeowners losing insurance coverage across California.

In response to the inaction‚ Senator Brian Dahle issued the following statement.

Brian Dahle

“I am deeply disappointed Commissioner Lara and Democratic lawmakers‚ who were a part of closed-door discussions‚ decided to hold off on negotiations with insurance companies,” Dahle said. “I’ve fought for better protections for homeowners for years. Californians are suffering unjustly and deserve strong and empathetic leadership right now. The volume of homeowners being dropped is inexcusable and he has the power to fix this.”

Dahle joined his Republican colleagues and recently sent a letter to Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara demanding action to address the crisis.

Dahle’s efforts to improve forest management‚ fund fuel reduction to reduce wildfire risks and save communities from devastating wildfires include the following.

Learn more about Dahle’s efforts to improve and protect California communities — here are some of his efforts.

AB 2029 (Dahle‚ 2016)

Extended the sunset of the Forest Fire Prevention Pilot Program that allows landowners to strategically thin up to 300 acres of land without a Timber Harvest Plan for trees less than 24 inches in stump diameter.

SB 495 (Dahle‚ 2022)

Would have required the state Air Resources Board to consider and account for greenhouse gas emissions from wildfires and forest fires in the state’s scoping plan. (Defeated in Senate Environmental Quality Committee).

AB 2048 (Dahle‚ 2014) Allows for a homeowner who loses their home due to a natural disaster to be able to file with the Department to be exempt from paying the fee if their home is deemed uninhabitable.

Earlier this year‚ Dahle introduced SB 542 to help alleviate excessive taxation on payments to Zogg Fire victims‚ meaning settlement payments awarded to victims would not be subject to state income taxes. Ultimately‚ the bill’s language was incorporated into the 2023-2024 budget signed by the governor. Additionally‚ Dahle called for an investigation into the Zogg and Dixie Fires and whether PG&E had done fire hardening work previously promised and paid for by ratepayers.