Dahle releases statement on wildfires

Did you know that ‘brown carbon’ released during wildfires is warming the Arctic twice as much as carbon from burning fossil fuels?

You can read about this in a recent study here. 

For the sake of our planet and for the future of our children, we have to take steps toward mitigating California’s continuous and devastating wildfires.

Last year the legislature voted down my bill that sought to smartly update the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 requiring the California Air Resources Board to include GHG emissions from wildlands and forest fires in its scoping plan.

With another fire and drought season looming, I’m saddened by the lack of accountability and transparency from our leadership.

But even more saddening, is that we are now headed into another dangerous season with no implementation of meaningful and actual solutions to this traumatic recurring issue.

Californians deserve solutions and safety!

That’s why I’m reminding you again to be sure to register to vote.  The June 7 Primary Election is just around the corner and ballots are being mailed out to registered voters on May 9.

I’m proud to have the nomination of the GOP, and hope that I have your vote.

We are stronger and more united than we have been in decades.

This is our year to turn California around.