Dahle seeks public’s help with Newsom debate

Brian Dahle, District 1’s state senator and the Republican candidate for governor, asks the public’s help in getting the incumbent governor Gavin Newsom to debate him on television.

According to a statement from Dahle, “You may have heard, but Gavin Newsom finally agreed to debate me. But there’s a catch … Newsom only wants to debate on radio. He wants to wait two weeks after ballots have dropped. He will only debate on a Sunday during prime time for NFL and MLB playoffs. Tell me — does that sound like a good plan to present our differences to Californians?

“While of course we will take any opportunity to a live debate, these ‘confines’ around this debate beg the question: What is Newsom afraid of? I’m calling on Newsom to debate on live TV, before ballots drop, and not during primetime sports.

“I believe every Californian deserves the chance to see us debate our differences and show them exactly what we stand for.

This debate should not be for radio listeners only. This is for the future of all Californians.

If you agree and would like to see Newsom debate me on live TV, let’s send him a message.

“Sign your name on the petition at go.BrianDahle.com/petition-debate to get Newsom to agree to a live TV debate.

Thank you. This will help us more than you may realize.”